Metallic mold for centrifugal casting


PURPOSE: To eliminate relative rotation and to prevent the development of uneven cooling and vibration by arranging plural projecting strips and/or recessed grooves parallel with axis in inner face of a metallic mold and making the heights thereof more than the amt. of shrinkage in radius direction at the time of solidifying a casting. CONSTITUTION: The cylindrical casting 2 is centrifugally-cast with the metallic mold 1. In the inner face 1a of metallic mold, plural pieces of the projecting strips 3 are arranged parallelly with the axis. The casting is solidified and shrunk and the outer diameter becomes from d 0 to d 0 ' and the height (t) of the projecting stripe 3 is set so as to come to larger than the inner diameter (d) at the part of projecting stripe 3. As the relative rotation between the metallic mold 1 and the casting 3 is eliminated, the development of vibration, noise, etc., can be prevented, and high quality cylindrical casting without abnormal structure of segregation, etc., can be obtd. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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