Full-color electrophotographic method


PURPOSE: To uniformize the brightness of images by specifying the relation between the viscoelasticity of three primary color toners and the viscoelasticity of a black toner at a storage modulus of elasticity. CONSTITUTION: The relation between the viscoelasticity (tanδ) of the three primary colors at the storage modulus of elasticity [G'(ω)]=10 5 (dyn/cm 2 ) and the viscoelasticity (tanδ) of the black toner is so determined as to attain the relation; tanδ of the three primary color toners < tanδ of the black toner. The toner constituting the black part where the thickness of a toner layer is reduced by the removing treatment of the under color layer, i.e. the black toner is provided with the higher tendency to have brightness than the other three primary color toners, by which the brightness over the entire part of the color image is uniformized and the image quality is enhanced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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