Moving construction device for high level structure


PURPOSE: To facilitate a whole work containing a regulating work, to reduce a cost, and to increase the efficiency of a work by a method wherein a rear part supporting means formed separately from the construction mechanism body of a moving construction device is mounted on a construction mechanism removably in a manner to be regulatable of height. CONSTITUTION: A moving construction device 10 is constituted togetherwith a traveler 12 and a slide member 14, and a rear wheel mechanism 16 wherein a hydraulic jack 48 to elevate a pair of rollers 40 is arranged to the upper parts of a pair of the rollers 40 for nipping a rail 18b therebetween is provided. The rear wheel mechanism is removably mounted on a traveler 12 through a jack bracket 50, a mounting part 52 and the lock tool of a bottom chord member 22. The height of the roller 40 is regulated by means of the jack 48. When a regulating margin is high in relation to a longitudinal slope, the given mounting hole is selected from moulding holes respectively formed in the bracket 50 of the wheel mechanism 16 and a mounting part 52 of the traveler 12, and a position mounted on the traveler 12 is regulated and height is regulated by securing by means of the lock tool. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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