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PURPOSE: To decrease the density difference at output by selecting a binarized picture data, coding the picture data, storing and sending the data and applying gamma correction before the binarizing processing to the data so as to improve the storage efficiency of a memory. CONSTITUTION: A picture signal from a solid-state image pickup element 101 is subjected to gamma correction at a correction section 103 via an A/D converter 102, the result is outputted to a processing section 110 or 104, where the signal is binarized and converted into a 1-bit picture data. A multiplexer 111 selects any of binarized data outputted from the processing section 110 or 104 by an instruction from a control section 107, the selected data is coded at a coding processing section 105 by the run length coding method and the result is stored in a memory 108 via the control section 107. The memory control section 107 outputs the data stored in the memory 108 resulting from the picture data outputted from the processing section 105 to a CCU 109 according to an instruction from an operation panel 106. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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