Communication control equipment


PURPOSE: To reduce the enlargement of a communication control equipment by sharing a buffer memory and providing channel arbitrating means in plural communication circuits to execute either reception or transmission to control connection with a buffer memory to a non-competitive state. CONSTITUTION: Respective reception circuits RC0-RCn respectively share a data FIFO memory 6 through respectively intrinsic delay registers DREG 0 - DREG n , and a channel arbitrating circuit 8 controls the connection with this memory 6 to the non-competitive state. Namely, the received data are temporarily stored in the respectively correspondent delay registers and afterwards stored into the memory 6 without competing with the other communication data under the time divisional selection control or polling control of the arbitrating circuit 8. Thus, even when transfer requests are simultaneously generated from the plural reception circuits, the arbitrating circuit 8 prevents malfunction from being generated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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