Electrophotographic sensitive body


PURPOSE: To prevent white blooming (gelation) of a coating fluid and occurrence of solvent cracking, and to enhance surface hardness and printing resistance by incorporating a polycarbonate resin specified in structure as a binder resin in a photosensitive layer, especially, in an electric charge generating layer for composing the photosensitive layer. CONSTITUTION: The photosensitive layer contains the polycarbonate resin having repeating units each represented by formulae I and II in a I to II molar ratio of 1-0.05:1, and the polycarbonate resin to be used as the binder resin has a reduced viscosity of 0.6-2.0 dl/g in a methylene chloride solution of 0.5 g polycarbonate/dl at 20°C. In formulae I and II, each of R 1 and R 2 is halogen or 1-6 C alkoxy; each of R 3 and R 4 is H, halogen, 1-6 C alkoxy, or the like; each of s and t is an integer of 0-4; each of R 5 and R 6 is H, 1-6 C alkyl, 5-7 C cycloalkyl, or the like; each of p and q is an integer of 0-4; and X is a simple bond, -O-, -S-, -SO-, -SO 2 -, or the like, thus permitting white blooming of the coating fluid and occurrence of solvent cracking to be prevented surface hard ness and printing resistance to be enhanced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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