Control system for drying in grain drier


PURPOSE: To prevent the uneven drying of grains by a method wherein the circulating amount of the grains is increased and drying is continued when a moisture sensor has detected once a moisture lower than a finishing target moisture while the drying is stopped when the average of grain moistures in one circulation, which is lower than the set finishing target moisture, is detected. CONSTITUTION: When a grain drier 6 is started, hot air, coming from a burner 16 and provided with a set temperature, passes through a ventilating chamber 12 and a drying chamber 2 and is discharged by an air discharging fan 4 through a discharging air chamber 14 while grains in a reserving chamber 1 are dried while flowing down through the drying chamber 2 and are returned to the reserving chamber 1 through a grain collecting trough 11, a supplying trough 26, a grain elevator 23, a throwing tube 25 and a diffusing board 22. When a moisture sensor 5 has detected once a moisture, same as or lower than a finishing target moisture, the delivery valve is rotated to increase the flow and, simultaneously, the set temperature of hot air is controlled so as to be lowered and the moisture sensor 5 is controlled so that short time-interval operation is effected and the moisture of the grain is detected multitude of times. When the average value of moistures, detected during one circulation of the charging amount of grains, is operated and the operated value is same as or lower than a set finishing target moisture, the operation of the drier 6 is stopped automatically. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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