Pneumatic tire


PURPOSE:To improve a wet property and a partial abrasion resistant property by forming a stepped land part whose surface is recessed from a main groove in a peripheral direction main groove at a tread end part on the inside of mounting, and forming a plurality of lateral grooves between main grooves at the tread end part on the outside of mounting, in a pneumatic tire for a heavy load vehicle. CONSTITUTION:Peripheral direction main grooves 14, 15 and 16, 17 are respectively provided in tread parts at respective tread end parts on the outside of mounting and on the inside of mounting so as to form land parts 18-20. A plurality of lateral grooves 22 are provided at intervals therebetween in the peripheral direction across the land parts 18-20. Each lateral groove 22 is formed to cross the rotation direction between the main grooves 14 and 17. In the main groove 17 at the tread end on the inside of mounting, a stepped land part 28 is formed, whose surface is located more inside in the radial direction than an outline shape of the tread part. According to this constitution, a wet property and a partial abrasion resistant property are improved.




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