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PURPOSE: To reduce the degradation of picture quality by recording and outputting one interpolated line while thinning it out at fixed intervals after executing line density conversion and smoothing processing when picture data, which length in a sub scanning direction is longer than the size of a recording sheet, is recorded and outputted to the routine recording sheet. CONSTITUTION: A record control part 8 detects the line density of an original and when this line density is different from the density of a recording and scanning part 9, the recording density is matched by a density converting means 8. Afterwards, a smoothing processing means 82 executes the smoothing processing concerning the respective lines interpolated by the density conversion. Further, when the length of the read original in the sub scanning direction is longer than the length of the recording sheet at the recording and scanning part 9, the sub scanning direction is reduced and it is judged whether the original up to the rear end can be recorded into the recording sheet or not. When the original can be recorded, the original is outputted to the recording and scanning part 9 while thinning one line, out of the respective lines receiving the smoothing processing by the smoothing processing means 82, at the fixed intervals by a thin-out processing means 83. The recording and scanning part 9 receives this original and records it to the recording sheet. Thus, the picture can be prevented from being degraded. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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