Image forming method


PURPOSE: To form an image high in image density without inducing offset phe nomenon and paper winding trouble by using a polyester resin having viscoelasticity characteristics for a binder resin, and a polyester resinhaving proper compatibility with a magenta pigment made of 2, 9-dimethylquinacridne for a pigment processing resin. CONSTITUTION: The toner to be used is a color toner comprising the binder resin composed of a 10 - 40 wt.% tetrahydrofuran-insoluble fraction, and the processed pigment obtained by kneading a polyolefin wax, the magenta pigment made of the 2, 9-dimethylquinacridone and the polyester containing a<10wt.% tetrahydrofuran-insoluble fraction, thus permitting the binder resin not to be crushed by the pressure applied by the thin film forming member 4, and additives not to be buried by said pressure, and accordingly, a high-density image to be formed without inducing offset phenomenon and winding trouble. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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