Agricultural chemicals removing apparatus for adjustment pool in golf links


PURPOSE: To simply and efficiently remove the agricultural chemicals contained in the water stored in the adjustment pool in a golf links by providing a packing material receiving means floatingly supported in the water with floats floating on the water surface and the means forcedly flowing the stored water to the packing material. CONSTITUTION: The floats 1 are provided so as to suitably support the circular upper rim of a bag type wire net 4 receiving activated carbon. The air sent by an air supply motor installed around the adjusting pool is introduced through an air introduction pipe 8 and discharged from a air discharge pipe 10, and the stored water in the outside of the wire net bag 4 is sucked by the suction force thereby through water introduction openings 11 to forcedly communicate through the aggregation of activated carbon 6. By this constitution, the agricultural chemicals, etc., contained by extremely low concn. are adsorbed and removed through the adsorption by activated carbon. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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