Pulse arc welding power source


PURPOSE: To prevent a drop of an output current and running out of an arc at the time of resetting DC excitation by connecting a parallel circuit of a capacitor and a resistance to one side of an output side connecting line of a current transformer for current feedback. CONSTITUTION: The parallel circuit of the capacitor 15 and the resistance 16 is connected to one side of the output side connecting line of the current transformer 5 for current feedback to detect a secondary side AC current of a main transformer 4. The capacitor 15 is made to low impedance for a high-frequency current outputted from the current transformer 5 corresponding to the secondary side AC current of the main transformer 4. As a result, the high-frequency current is subjected to full-wave rectification by a rectifier circuit 10 through the capacitor 15 and outputted to a comparator 13 as a regular current feedback signal from a peak value detection circuit 11. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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