Manufacture of polyamide film


PURPOSE:To obtain stretched polyamide film, which is excellent in gas barrier properties, transparency and slip properties and has rigidity necessary for post- processing, by a method wherein film, which is produced out of mixture of polyamide and lamellar silicate dispersed uniformly therein, is stretched under the specified moisture content. CONSTITUTION:In order to form the stretched film concerned, unstretched film, which is formed by casting method or tubular method, is uniaxially or biaxially stretched at the orientation temperature of 50 - 180 deg.C and heat-set, when necessary, at a temperature, which is higher than 120 deg.C and lower than its melting point. Single layer film made of mixture of polyamide and lamellar silicate dispersed uniformly therein or multilayered film containing the layer consisting of said single layer film may be employed as the film concerned. As the method, by which the moisture of the film is set to be 1.2% or less at its stretching, there is no special limit. The range of the moisture content of the film is 1.2% or less at its stretching. If the moisture content exceeds the above-mentioned range, the crystallization of film is accelerated and the whitening of film becomes excessive.




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