Teletext receiver


PURPOSE: To confirm the situation to be changed any minute of the specific program of a teletext by, at the time of updating the teletext data of the same number to be successively received, switching the switch of a signal to be outputted and outputting the display signal of the above teletext data to be outputted with a display signal control part. CONSTITUTION: A CPU 8a registers the program number and page number of the teletext designated by the operation of a remote controller 14 or key input part 13 into the second prescribed area of a RAM 8c beforehand. The page to register the program to be registered from the teletext data to be successively received is retrieved, and the existence/absence of the updating of the contents of the page is detected by an updating flag contained in the data of the data. When the updating exists in the data of the above-mentioned page to be registered, the teletext data of the page are converted to a display signal 6a. An output switch 7 is switched, the signal 6a is outputted for a prescribed time as a video signal 3, and thereafter, a condition is returned to the condition before the output switch 7 is switched. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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