Penetration terminal and its connecting method


PURPOSE:To obtain a penetration terminal which generates no poor contact due to its secure connection to a conductor by making its tip to break and penetrate through the conductor of an electric wire, and applying heat to melt out solder from a linking port so as to connect the penetration terminal to the conductor. CONSTITUTION:A shell-formed conductive metal body 3 with a sharp tip 2 is formed, a hollow 4 whose one side is open is formed therein, several lines of slits 6 or plural holes linking to the hollow 4, are formed on the outer wall 5 from the base end to the middle part, and a solder 7 is filled in the hollow 4 to complete a penetration terminal 1. As a result, by striking the penetration terminal 1 into a laminate 11 of conductors 10 and 10 which are made by laminating two sheets of flexible flat cables 9 and 9, and applying heat with an adequate heating means, the inside solder 7 is melted to flow out from the slits 6, and it bonds the conductor of each layer to the outer wall surface 5 of the penetration terminal 1 rigidly. Consequently, the penetration terminal 1 can be soldered to the conductor 10 and connected securely thereto, and no poor contact is generated even though a vibration or an external force is applied thereto.




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