Ceramics for internal chill


PURPOSE: To obtain ceramics for internal chill with its break strain remarkably improved and useful in the production of the boat liner and cylinder liner of an engine, etc., by incorporating Al 2 O 3 , TiO 2 , SiO 2 and Fe 2 O 3 into the ceramics in a specified weight ratio and specifying the break strain range. CONSTITUTION: This ceramics for internal chill contains, by weight, 40-65% Al 2 O 3 , 30-60% TiO 2 , 2.0-5.5% SiO 2 and 2.0-3.0% Fe 2 O 3 , and the break strain is controlled to 3000-10,000×10 -6 mm/mm. Alumina, refined rutile, kaolin, quartz, etc., are firstly mixed to obtain a mixture having a chemical composition fulfilling the above-mentioned weight ratio expressed in terms of the oxide, and the mixture is used to produce the ceramics. A molding assistant is added to the mixture, as required, and the mixture is molded by the ceramic molding method such as extrusion molding and press molding, and the formed body is dried. The molded body is held at 1420-1480°C for ≥5hr and then burned at 1500-1600°C to obtain the desired ceramics. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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