Timer control system


PURPOSE: To use a single built-in timer to control plural timers by starting a time-out processing program corresponding to a timer, whose time-out is decided, by a timer interrupt handling program to perform the time-out processing. CONSTITUTION: A microcomputer application device 11 is provided with a CPU 22 which controls the whole of the device, a quartz oscillator 21 which generates the system clock of the CPU 22, a control program 24 which starts the CPU 22, an internal register 23, and a control memory part 25. The control program 24 consists of a main program 24a, a timer start processing program 24b, a timer stop processing program 24c, an interrupt handling program 24d, and time-out processing programs 24e to 24g. The interrupt handling program 24d is started at the time of time-out of the timer incorporated in the CPU 22. Thus, plural timers are controlled. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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