Positive-type photosensitive anionic electrodeposition coating resin composition, and bath and method for electrodeposition coating using the composition


PURPOSE: To prepare the title compsn. having an excellent photosensitivity, giving a resist film excellent in the mechanical properties, and capable of forming a resist pattern with a high resolution by compounding a specific (meth) acrylic resin with a specific photosensitive material. CONSTITUTION: The title compsn. comprises 30-95 pts.wt. resin obtd. by neutralizing, with a base, a (meth)acrylic resin which has an acid value of 30-250 and is obtd. by the copolymn. of two essential monomers, i.e., (meth)acrylic acid and a polymerizable monomer of which a homopolymer has a glass transition point of 0°C or lower and 5-70 pts.wt. compd. of formula 1 (wherein R 1 is alkyl; R 2 is H, alkyl, alkoxy, or nitro; R 3 is formula II; and (m) is an integer of 0-2, (n) is an integer of 1-3, and (m+n) is an integer of 1-3), the sum of the two components being 100 pts.wt. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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