Facsimile equipment


PURPOSE: To easily confirm only the result of communication to which a designated specified position, etc., participates by managing every communication in charge of its participator, and extracting, recording or displaying the communication result by designating the corresponding participator. CONSTITUTION: An identification number classified by the position, etc., participating the communication is set previously by using an operating panel 3, and it is registered beforehand in a network control part 1. When the identification number is inputted at the time of receiving transmission or reception accompanied with identification number, the network control part 1 manages the communication by coordinating the transmission or the reception after that with the identification number. Afterwards, when the identification number is inputted at the time of a list request, the control part 1 extracts only the communication result corresponding to this identification number, and records or displays it. As the result, the communication result of another part, etc., other than the part of this identification number is never mixed in an obtained communication result, and the communication result can be easily confirmed in respect of the designated specified communication as well. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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