Thermoplastic polymer composition


PURPOSE: To obtain a resin composition having excellent compatibility, improved transparency, heat resistance, mechanical strength and wear resistance, comprising a specific hydrogenated diene-based polymer, thermoplastic elastomer, olefin- based elastomer, etc. CONSTITUTION: (A) A hydrogenated diene-based polymer prepared by hydrogenating ≥80% olefinic unsaturated bond of a block copolymer having three polymer blocks of a polymer consisting essentially of a vinyl aromatic compound and two polybutadiene polymers having 30-70wt.% 1,2-vinyl bond content and <30% 1,2-vinyl bond content is blended with (C) an olefin-based elastomer comprising a copolymer of a monomer containing an unsaturated carboxylic acid, etc., and 5-97wt.% vinyl aromatic compound and containing carboxyl group, etc., in the ratio of 1-150 pts.wt. component C to 100 pts.wt. total amount of 2-98wt.% component A and 2-98wt.% component B. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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