Power supply switchgear for electrical foot warmer


PURPOSE: To enable a switching operation to be carried out at any place around an electrical foot warmer while sitting by a method wherein a power supply is freely turned on or off by any changing-over switches. CONSTITUTION: A rear side of a frame 1 is fixed with a heater device 2. A cord 5 having a changing-over switch 3 at its intermediate part is provided with an insertion plug 11 and a plug 9 for equipment. The cord is fixed to a plug receptacle 14 of a heater device 2. A cord 6 branched from the plug 9f for the equipment is arranged at the rear side of the frame 1, the changing- over switch 4 is fixed to an extreme end of the cord. The changing-over switches 3 and 4 form a series-connected circuit. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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