Ultraviolet ray shielding transparent flaky particle and production thereof


PURPOSE: To obtain the subject particles useful as cosmetics, coatings, etc., for preventing sunburn by mixing a mixture solution of an organosiloxane, fine ZnO particles and an organic solvent with transparent flaky particles, drying the resultant mixture while stirring the mixture and then heating the dried mixture. CONSTITUTION: With 100 pts. wt. mixture solution of an organosiloxane in an amount of 5-30 wt.% expressed in terms of SiO 2 , 4-15 wt.% fine ZnO particles and 60-80 wt.% organic solvent, is mixed 40-300 pts. wt. transparent flaky particles. The resultant mixture is then dried while being stirred and subsequently heated to afford the objective particles coated with a layer containing the ZnO and organosiloxane. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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