Optical fiber cutter


PURPOSE:To allow the safe and efficient recovery of cutting scrap by introducing and sticking the cutting scrap of coated fibers onto a tape by the energizing force of a pressing plate after cutting of the coated fibers and moving the tape. CONSTITUTION:This cutter has the tape 9 which is provided on the end side of the coated optical fibers 3 of a stationary gripping base 2A, can be stuck with the cutting scrap of the coated fibers 3 and is formed freely movable in the direction orthogonal with the coated optical fibers 3 and the pressing plate 11 which operates cooperatively with the gripping actions of clamping means 5A, 5B and has the elasticity to allow the cutting scrap 3S to be energized toward the tape 9. The cutting scrap 3S is, therefore, pressed from above by the elastic force of the pressing plate 11 and is stuck to the tape 9 upon ending of the cutting of the coated fibers 3. The cut coated scrap 3S can then be recovered by winding the tape 9 after erecting the clamping means 5A, 5B. The cutting scrap 3S is collectively wound on the tape in this way. The integral treatment of the cutting scrap is thus executed safely and surely without the aid of manual labor.




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