Grain carrying device


PURPOSE: To simplify the structure and enable the simultaneous opening and closing of both covers by positioning supporting shafts of oscillatable closing covers for cleaning to be provided in a terminal end of a cross feed spiral cylinder and a starting end of a raise feed spiral cylinder in parallel with each other, and coupling both the covers with an operating member so as to be operated for opening and closing at the same time. CONSTITUTION: When openings 3, 7 are opened, an operating lever 19 is removed from an engagement part 20 to loosen a plate spring 18, and a closing cover 8 is turned around of an oscillation supporting shaft 15 to open the opening 7. Simultaneously, a coil spring 21 is loosened by the opening operation of the closing cover 8, and a closing cover 4 is oscillated around of an oscillation supporting shaft 10 to open the opening 3. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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