Jig for adjusting optical path


PURPOSE:To lessen the labor for an optical path matching operation by passing the parallel reflected light of the light which is emitted from a laser device for pointing and is reflected by a mirror by the inclination of the mirror and the adjustment of a corner cube prism. CONSTITUTION:The laser beam which is emitted from the laser device 1 for collimation and is reflected by the mirror 2 is passed through a convex lens 6 and is reflected by the corner cube prism 7 on a prism mount 8 moving orthogonally with light. The collimated beams of the light after this reflected light passes the convex lens 9 are passed through the other point as well by adjusting the inclination of the mirror 2 and the corner prism. The need for matching the optical paths by alternately adjusting the inclination of the two mirros is eliminated in this way and the labor for the optical path matching operation of the laser beam for collimation passing the two points is lessened.




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