Oxygen scavenger


PURPOSE: To make a mixture system of a plurality of components uniform and heighten oxygen scavenging speed by preparing an oxygen scavenger by mixing a low molecular weight phenolic compound, a porous material powder, and a surfactant each in a prescribed amount. CONSTITUTION: An oxygen scavenger is prepared by mixing a low molecular weight phenolic compound such as phenol, catechol, pyrogallol and cresol, a porous material powder such as cristobalite, silicon dioxide, diatomaceous earth and activated alumina, and a surfactant. The porous material powder preferably has 20-60 mesh particle size, but there is no problem even if powder finer than that is contained within 15% weight radio. Dispersion of oxygen scavenging speed is decreased by using the above surfactant and oxygen scaventing speed becomes remarkably fast. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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