Brush cleaning device for toilet


PURPOSE: To provide a brush cleaning device for a toilet which can be used for simple, sure and more effective washing by providing it with a nozzle directed to the brush for the toilet to spray washing water. CONSTITUTION: A housing 1 is provided in the top with an opening and closed with a cover 8 mounted to a brush 7 for a toilet. A seal 9 is fitted at the side of the cover 8 facing the opening and seated on a rim of the opening to perform a seal action. The sideways projecting parts of the cover 8 are mounted to a flange 10 of the housing to work a switch 19 serving to control a valve 13. When the brush 7 is inserted into the housing (bowl) 1, the switch 19 works to energize a solenoid coil and open the valve 13. Preferably, the switch 19 is connected to a timer for setting a predetermined delay. Then, the valve 13 is opened by the timer first after a predetermined time. When the valve opened, water flows into an annular cavity of a nozzle body 5 through a supply pipe line 6 and further flows from a nozzle 17 to bristles 15. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO




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