Continuous underground wall head portion processing work method


PURPOSE: To prevent noise and vibration, by providing sinkingly within wall holes reinforced baskets fitted with partition plates and containers filled with a static breaking agent, and conducting expansion by making a stabilizing liquid absorbed into the breaking agent, and placing concrete into the insides of wall holes, and hardening it. CONSTITUTION: A static breaking agent is filled into containers such as spiral sheath pipes 4, 5, and containers are fitted to the continuous underground wall head portions of reinforced baskets 1. Next, partition plates 6 are fitted at continuous wall head portions at every predetermined interval, and then, the reinforced baskets 1 are provided sinkingly within continuous wall holes filled with a stabilizing liquid, and then, the stabilizing liquid is absorbed into the breaking agent through containers. Next, concrete is placed as far as above a breaking planning line 3, and also, curing is made. And the breaking agent generates a hydration reaction, and cracks are generated at continuous wall head portions by manifesting expansion pressure. In addition, cracked concrete is broken further into small pieces by the partition plates 6. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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