Improvements in, or Attachments for, Bottles, Decanters, Cans, and like Containers, for Preventing the Introduction of Liquid by Unauthorized Persons.


16,170. Cheesman, T. Aug. 8. Bottles &c., non-refillable.-Relates to means for preventing the refilling of bottles, decanters, cans, &c. Fig. 1 shows the invention applied to a can. The outlet A communicates with the interior C of the can by an opening b closed by a ball E, which ball is also adapted to close the lower end d of a vent-tube D. A stop a is provided to limit the motion of the ball. The can is filled through an opening F, which is subsequently sealed. Fig. 3 shows the invention contained in an attachment adapted to be locked to a bottle neck. The chamber C communicates with the bottle through a passage H controlled by a ball valve h. In a further modification, the device may be made of glass, and in one with the bottle or decanter. Or, the parts may be contained within the neck of the bottle, which may be separably connected with the body part.




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