An Improved Device for Facilitating the Removal of the Valves from the Valve-boxes of Internal Combustion Engines.


16,021. AlphandÚry, G. E. J. Aug. 4. Repairing valves and cocks.-A device for facilitating the removal of valves from internal - combustion engines consists of a support a, slotted at its lower end, and fixed to a tubular guide c. A U-shaped bail c is pivotally connected to the guide c, and is provided with a centrally - situated screw f. A sleeve h is slidable on the guide c, to which it may be clamped by the screw i. Two arms j, fixed to the sleeve h, support at-their ends an annular part k. A cylindrical rod l, with a disk m, is slidable in the guide c. To remove the valve n, the cover of the valve box is removed and the bifurcated end of the piece a caused to engage the abutment disk o, the slot being placed in alinement with the key q. The rod l is then lowered until the disk m rests on the valve, as shown. The screw f then serves to raise the lower part of the device, compressing the spring p, and thus allowing the pin q to be removed. The ring k is then placed against the valve box, as shown, and the sleeve h clamped by the screw i. Thereupon the screw f is unscrewed, so that the part e can be rotated out of the vertical plane. The valve n can then be removed, since nothing prevents the upward movement of the rod l, which can be secured in its upper position by inserting the screw f in the angle between the collar d and the surface of the rod. By a reverse series of operations the valve can be replaced.




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