Improvements in Fireplaces.


15,839. Bowes, R. Aug. 2. Fire-places; hearths; ash-guards.-A fire-clay or like false hearth B of an open fire-place is fitted upon a metal support C so as to form a space M beneath the grate, and a space F between it and the ordinary hearth D, air being supplied to the space F, if desired, from apertures at the sides, thus preventing overheating of the floor joists E'. The air supply to the space M beneath the grate is regulated by altering the position of a front I, which may be provided with a hit-and-miss or other grating J. The grate may have fixed or movable front bars, as in Fig. 1, or the grate bottom may be curved upwards and supported on legs L, as in Fig. 3, in which case the front bars are dispensed with and the front I is extended in height to form a fret K. The back G rests upon the frame C, and may be straight or curved.




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