Improvements in or relating to Cocks and Valves.


11,764. Wright, F. G., Baines, W. H., and Thomson, A., [trading as Baines & Co., W.N.]. June 5. Plug cocks.-Consists of a conical plug cock in which, by a single movement of a handle, successive lifting and rotary notions are imparted to the plug. The general arrangement is shown in Fig. 1. A box spanner E operates the spindle F, which has a screw F<1> engaging with an internally-screwed portion in the plug spindle. A cam G, Figs. 1 and 4, attached to the spindle F, has annular projections G<2>, G<3> which together occupy about two-thirds of a circle. A " guide-plate " B, Figs. 1 and 6, is provided with a stop B' and a recess B<2>. Underneath the guide-plate is a "catch " plate " H, Figs. 1 and 8, which is fixed to the plug spindle. A recess H<1> is cut out, leaving two stops H<2>, H<3>. Upon the upper part of the catch plate is a stop H<4> and an arm J, pivoted at JI. To open the valve, the spindle is turned clockwise, and the plug of the valve is slightly raised. Further rotation causes the lug G<2> of the cam to engage with the stop H<4> and so to rotate the catch plate, and with it the catch J, the latter being guided by the side of the aperture in the plate B and by the outer sides of the projections G<2>, G3 of the cam. The plate H is so moved that the catch J moves into the recess K in the cam, the collar F<3> of the spindle F acting as a further and inner guide. When the plug is fully open, the stop H<3> comes into contact with the stop B<1> and prevents further motion. For closing the valve, the spindle moves all the parts in the reverse direction until a part of the catch engages with the stop B<1> and slides into the recess B<2>. At the same time, the stop H<2> engages with the stop B<1> and the plug is prevented from turning farther. Further turning of the handle then merely gives a vertical movement to the plug and presses it home. The function of the catch is to release the cam G at this point by moving outwards. By making the cam revoluble relative to the spindle, the valve can be tightened down in.either an open or closed position, but it is stated that this provision is not usually necessary.




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