Improvement in Transfer Presses.


8247. Hill, J. R. April 18. Embossing.-Relates to transferpresses for producing printing- plates, and consists of means for obtaining any arrangement and spacing of characters or designs, by the use either of a guide pattern, or of tabulated or other data indicating the required spacing The parts are shown as applied to the machine described in Specification No. 16,255, A.D. 1904, in which the blank is clamped on a chuck on a travelling bed 13, Fig. 1, and is reciprocated under a depressible transfer-roller .82 registered according to a pattern 85 adjustable for proportional spacing..The roller support 7, Figs. 1 and 15, is provided with a stud 34 recessed to receive and closely fit a lip 36 of a spring-retained pivoted latch 37 on the pointer arm 38. A screw 57, Figs. 1 and 4, provided with a vernier wheel 59 co-operating with a pointer 60, is mounted on the pattern-carrying member 46 and co-operates with a split nut 61, Fig. 5, sliding in guides 62 on the member 46, and adjustable by means of pins and eccentric slots in a disk 65 on a spindle 66 provided with a handle 67 and a locking-nut 68. A block 79, Fig. 26, carried by the pointer arm 38, slides in a groove in a bar 81 on the bracket 41, Fig. 1, and is provided with a split nut 75 and vernier screw 71 similar to the nut 61 and screw 57. The transfer-roller 82, Figs. 1 and 14, is provided on its face with radial index-marks 82 disposed at an angle to the corresponding character, for register with a pointer at a considerable distance above the printing-plate. When a guide pattern 85 is used, the nut 61 is operative and the nut 75 inoperative, and the operation is as described in the prior Specification. Alternative methods of operating from tabulated or other data, the one for corresponding spacing, and the other for proportional spacing, are described. In the one method, the nut 61 is inoperative and the nut 75 operative, and the transfer-roller is adjusted by means of the latch connexion 37, the screw 71 being adjusted by its vernier wheel according to the data. In the other method, the screw 57 is used instead of the screw 71.




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