Improvements in Combined Electric Switches and Fuses


3088. Fuller, A. J. Feb. 14. Cut-outs; ; switches.-A combined switch and fuse consists of a fixed ring A of insulating-material provided with four or more contacts D over which rotates, spring-pressed against the first ring, a second ring B provided with similar contacts, and moved by means of the spindle C. To the terminals of the fixed contacts are connected the main cable ends, and the terminals at the back of the loose ring are used to connect the fuses. The fuse wire from one of the terminals passes through a suitable opening E in the ring, across the inside face of the ring, and back through another opening to the second terminal ; or the fuse may be connected straight across the back of the washar. The loose ring may be slipped off the spindle upon which it rotates, to facilitate the replacement of the fuses.




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