Improvements in Safety Cut-out Devices for Electric Circuits.


2586. British Thomson-Houston Co., [General Electric Co.]. Feb. 8. Cut-outs; switches.-Safety cut-outs or service switches comprising a number of fuses normally lying between terminals in a box covered by a hinged locking-lid are provided with means for clamping one or more of the fuses temporarily to the lid, in order to raise or replace them without danger. The box 1, shown open in Fig. 3 and closed in Fig. 2, has side openings 3 to receive the wires, and terminal pieces 10 attached to metal clips 8 screwed to the porcelain base-plate 4 and separated by barriers 5. Cartridge fuses 12 with projecting end-blades connect the clips in pairs. A hinged lid 17, having a locking-catch 20 and handle 18, carries grooved insulating-blocks 24 which are pressed outwards by springs 31 and are capable of limited movement on guides 28, thus acting as resilient seats for the fuses. Fingers 34 can be turned by outside handles 33 to clamp one or more of the fuses to their seats, and carry them off when the lid is raised. Reverse movement replaces the fuses, the springs and guides adjusting them in the proper position. The arms 33 may be arranged to indicate the positions of the fingers 34.




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