An Unpickable Seal for Closing Packets, Sacks, Bottles and the like.


896. Ullmann, J. Jan. 17. Capsules and the like.-Relates to improvements on the invention described in Specification No. 1597, A..D. 1904. Fastenings for bottles &c. are sealed by means of a tin or like strip 1, the two halves of which are connected by a slightly hollow part 5. Both halves have holes 6, one of which has a flange 7. In use, the ends of the fastening-string are passed through holes 2 in the part 5, and, the two halves being brought together and fastened by turning down the flange 7, the string is penetrated and held by the turned-up edges of the holes 2, 3. In a modification, six of the holes 3 may be used to retain the string, the boles 2 being dispensed with, and the ends of the string lying within the hollow 5.




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