Improvements in Apparatus for Producing and Imparting Vibrations Oscillations or the like for Therapeutic, Hygienic or similar purposes.


29,048. Tourtel, J. M., and Hogan, G. L. Dec. 30. Massage.-The driving-gear of a vibratory massage device is mounted between three plates e, f, g, Fig. 1. The spindle a is rotated by a crank handle and is connected to a main driving-wheel h, which drives a pinion i, formed integrally with another pinionj. These pinions are mounted between the plates e, f, the latter being bent and slotted to accommodate the pinionj. This construction allows of the use of a large wheel l, which consequently drives the operating spindle o at a high speed. The vibratory device may consist of two discs p, q mounted on the spindle o. A portion of each disc is cut out, and, by_the rotation of one of the discs with respect to the other, the eccentricity of the centre of gravity may be adjusted. The guard s is provided with rubber cushions t to act as transmitters. To produce a tapping action, the spindle is provided with an eccentric 2, Fig. 3, working in a slot in the lever 5, which is pivoted to the guardplate s and provided with a contact-piece 6. The amplitude of vibration may be varied by adapting the pivot pin 3 to be adjustably held in a slot in the guard-plate, or by employing the device shown in Fig. 5, in which the eccentric works in a circular hole in the lever and the pivot pin may be fixed in any portion of the groove 8 in the guard plate. In a modification, the spindle o is omitted, the eccentric being formed integrally with the pinion shown in Fig. 1. In this modification, and in that shown in Fig. 3, a flywheel 4 is provided.




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