Improvements in Shoelaces


28,754. Nicholls, G. H. Dec. 29. Laces ; lacing- fa s t e n i n g s.- A series of holes 3, Fig. 1, is formed in the ends of the laces, preferably during the process of f weaving. T o secure the lace, an overhand knot A is formed, as shown in Fig. 2, the end 1 is passed through a hole in the end 2, the end 2 is passed through a hole in the end 1, and the ends are then pulled to draw the knot tight. To form a bow knot, an overhand knot is formed, and the ends 1, 2 are extended in opposite directions to form bows and then passed through the same holes in the two bows, as shown in Fig. 4. The inner ends of the tags 4 must be smooth.




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