Improvements in Electric Incandescent Lighting Devices for Shop Windows, Show Cases and the like.

  • Inventors: CARL SCHWABE
  • Assignees: Carl Schwabe
  • Publication Date: February 02, 1905
  • Publication Number: GB-190428723-A


28,723. Schwabe, C. Dec. 29. Incandescent l a m p s ; supporting lamps. - For lighting shop windows, show cases, and the like, rows of tubular lamps with straight filaments are used. The lamps are provided with metal end caps b and are held end to end in clips c which serve to carry the current. The clips are fastened to a baseboard d and are covered by shields g. The whole is placed in a sheet-metal casing or trough and closed in by a strip of glass, mica, or other material. The lamps may be silvered at the back.




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