Improvements in and relating to Thimbles and Saddles for Supporting Tiles during the Process of Firing in the Glaze Kiln.


25,018. Nicklin, J. Nov. 17. Enamelling ; pottery.-A thimble and saddle device for supporting tiles during the process of firing in the glaze kiln consists of a slab a, Figs. 1 and 2, provided with raised edges b, c, d, e, to bear against the edges of the tiles, a spur f, a spigot h, and a corresponding socket on the opposite end. The tiles g, Fig. 4, are arranged back to back, with the spurs f between the glazed faces, each spigot h engaging with a socket in the adjacent supporting- device. A modification has a dovetailed projection and mortice instead of the spigot and socket, to prevent separation due to kiln expansion.




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