New or Improved Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apparatus.


21,138. Bachelet, E. Oct. 2, A.D. 1903, [date applied for under Patents Act, A.D. 1901]. Magnetic appliances.- For the magnetic treatment of the body, two solenoids or electromagnets are arranged with a pole of one opposite the unlike pole of the other so that the lines of force pass directly from one to the other through the part to be treated. The current used may be direct, with an interrupter in the circuit, or alternating, with or without an interrupter. The coils may be connected in series or in multiple, or may be separately excited. The patient may be treated by having coils on opposite sides of a room, the patient sitting between them. By moving one or both of the coils, the direction of the lines of force may be varied. The form of coil used is described in U.S. Specification No. 743,372, and is wound in the form of a flat wide coil, divided into sections so that, by means of the switch a', Fig. 5, one or more of the sections may be brought into use. The coils may be used as solenoids or with a laminated iron core. One of the coils may be replaced by a permanent magnet.




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