Improvements in and relating to Automobiles.


17,084. Hewitt, E. R. Aug. 4. Motor road vehicles.-The body of a motor car of the type in which the engines are placed in the centre of the car is formed in two portions, one of which is removable so that access may be readily gained to the engines. The rear portion 6, Fig. 1, of the body is provided with runners 10, which enable it to be slid along the frame 1 into the position indicated by the dotted lines. Guide-plates 11 are provided to prevent lateral displacement of the sliding portion, and one or more of these guide-plates near the forward end of the car may be provided with outwardly - extending flanges 12, Fig. 3, to prevent upward tilting of the body. The removable portion 6 is locked in place by means of a screw 13 at the back of the car passing through the frame, and a hook 15, Fig. 4, at the front end, while correct alignment between the fixed front portion 5 and the rear portion 6 is secured by means of a dowel-pin 14.




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