Improvements in the Bearings of Spindles for Spinning and Doubling Textile Fibres.


15,249. Dalgliesh, E. T.. Hardman, F., and Hetherington & Sons, J. July 8. Spindle apparatus. - The object is to prevent the inner tube from being withdrawn in doffing &c. and also from being rotated with the spindle. The bearings also accommodate themselves to any lateral movement of the spindles. One or more projections d on the inner tube pass down through corresponding vertical slots e into a horizontal annular recess, so that the inner tube cannot be withdrawn unless the projections and slots are coincident. A pin in the bolster a prevents the rotation of the inner tube b with the spindle c. The inner tube b is supported by means of a cup or ball-and-socket joint g, and its lateral motion is governed by a vertically-split balloon spring k placed below this joint g instead of within the wharve aud between it and the inner tube as usual.




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