Improvements in Ships' Berths.


13,113. Baird, A. H. June 10. Berths.-Ships' berths are so constructed as to be easily partitioned into room berths of various sizes, to conform to the slope and contour of the space used, and with the object of standardizing the fittings and construction. The floor space is divided into rectangles by stanchions secured in cups in one deck and flanges in the deck above. At the heights of the tiers of berths are secured encircling fittings, Fig. 14, each having four sockets s adapted to take spigots d on the berth partitions and frames, Figs. 16 and 17. The joint allows of a limited angular movement, so that the berth plan need not be rectangular. Jointed angle-iron frames, pivoted at the corners and carrying mattresses, are provided with hooks, one at each corner, by which they are slung from side frames by the link f, Fig. 16. Both side and end frames of the berth are provided with brackets C, D, Fig. 16, which shows the form adopted on the side frames, the form on the end frames not carrying the link f. The bracket C has a vertical web b, carrying at the ends bearing-strips e, which make a steadying- contact with the stanchion, and is pivoted to the rails of the frame at c to allow for the effect of the slope of the deck. Berths may be divided into various blocks by partitions G, H, Figs. 12 and 17, which may have doors fitted. The partitions are provided with brackets shown in Fig. 17, the link f being omitted on those across the ends. The parts of the partitions abutting against the stanchions are hollowed flush with the bracket to obstruct the line of sight. The mattresses may be hinged up against the side partitions, Fig. 12, by providing small fittings E, engaging hooks when the mattress is turned up. With the above-described construction, all partitions and frames are interchangeable, and the berths can be angularly adapted and arranged as open or room berths by omitting the necessary partitions.




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