Improvements in Gold Extraction.


8677. Hyatt, W. H. April 15. Amalgamating.-Gold-bearing ore or deposits, in a finely-divided condition, are fed into a hopper a which leads to a rotatable feed cylinder or disc b. The disc has pockets c, which are brought successively under the hopper and are then carried round to discharge into an amalgamating chamber d having an air blast inlet e. The disc rotates in a casing h, which cuts off the pockets c, after receiving their charge from the hopper, from the influence of the blast until they are in position for discharging. The amalgamating-chamber contains a charge of mercury f, and a series of such chambers is employed. Any mercury carried over with the tailings is recovered by passing the blast as it leaves the amalgamators through an apparatus of the character of a flour-separating machine ; or, the blast may be led into one or more chambers k containing mercury, and fitted with a shutter or baffle o to vary locally the velocity of the blast to assist the gravitational separation of the mercury. Instead of a disc, any similar rotary or reciprocating device may be employed for feeding the ore.




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