Improvements in Door Closers and Checks.


28,781. Bardsley, J. Dec. 31. Door-closing apparatus; hinges; door checks.- The upper polygonal end 23 of the spindle 22 engages an aperture in the bar 24 seated in the lower edge of the door. The lower end of the spindle forms a socket engaging the bearing- stud 25 formed on the floor of the casing 20. The upper and lower arms 27, 28 of the spindle 22 engage the shoulders 49, 50 on the plates 32, 33, shown separately in Figs. 5 and 6. The upper end 34 of the coiled spring 31 is hooked and engages the shoulder 35 on the plate 32, while the lower end similarly engages one of the shoulders 37, of which a number are provided on the plate 33, to allow the tension of the spring to be adjusted. On moving the door in one direction, the arm 27 turns the plate 32, winding the spring from the top, and the plate 33 is held at rest by the contact of the shoulder 47 with the stop 48 on the floor of the casing 20. When the door is turned in the other direction, the arm 28 winds the spring from the bottom, and the plate 32 is held against the stop 46 on the cover 21. In the closed position, the plates 32, 33 are both in contact with the stops 46, 48, the spring being always under tension When the parts are first inserted in the casing, the spring projects slightly, and the shoulder 49 clears the arm 27. The required tension is put on the spring by turning the rectangular cover-plate 21. The plate is then pressed down, so that its flange embraces the flange of the casing, locking the plate against rotation, and the shoulder 49 is brought against the arm 27. The cover is secured by screws or bolts. It may subsequently be removed and the contents of the casing may be lifted out without releasing the spring from tension. Oil or other liquid is introduced into the casing through an opening in the cover 21, closed by a screw plug. The spindle 22 is supplied with vertical wings, the motion of which is resisted by the liquid, thereby checking the swinging motion of the door.




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