Improvements in the Manufacture of Table-covers and Tapestry, Tapestry-velvet and like Fabrics.


28,393. Crossley & Sons, J., and Ogden, E. Dec. 24. Pile fabrics; carpets.-Relates to the manufacture of table covers and tapestry, tapestry-velvet, and like fabrics. The fabric is made in an ordinary carpet loom, using six-tread tappets and inserting a pile wire between the stuffer and worsted warps along with the weft at each third and sixth thread. The result is that a greater quantity of fabric than usual is obtained from a given quantity of pile material, the usual " blank shot " is avoided, and the pattern formed on the back of the fabric by the worsted warp is not obscured by the chain and stuffing warps, while a smaller quantity than usual of the worsted warp is buried in the fabric. Figs. 6 and 10 illustrate the construction of a tablecover fabric, and the production of the same in a carpet loom, A, B, C denoting respectively the stuffer, chain, and worsted warps, and D, E, F the corresponding tappets.




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