An improved trousers stretcher


190,328. Evans, W. V., and Fuller, E. C. Nov. 14, 1921. Trouser stretchers. -A device for stretching trousers by means of members a, b, inserted in the legs have these parts made of thin sheet metal or metal strips adapted to be folded or doubled upon themselves lengthwise with or without the use of hinges. The parts a, b have enlarged ends spaced by resilient members d which may be integral with the side members. Otherwise the parts d may be made of steel wire the ends of which are bent backwards at d<2> and passed through a slot e in the side member then bent as shown beneath the membor and anally passed through one of a series of holes f. The wire springs d pass alternately above and below the side members which are stiffened by ribs c. For convenience in packing. the members a, b may be in three parts hinged at x with a spring rule joint to resist collapse.




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