Improvements in Gas Governors.


27,960. Grieve, G. K., and Peebles, W. C. Dec. 21. Pressure - regulating valves ; gas valves and cocks.-In a gas governor, gas passes from the inlet opening A, through holes B in the periphery of a cap C covering an inner chamber D, to an annular space E, whence the gas can pass through an opening J, regulated by means of a screw K, to the chamber D, and also by openings G to the underside of a piston H which has a hollow spindle L ; this spindle is formed with an orifice P and serves as a means of communication between the chamber D and outlet R. The spindle L slides in an annular projection N which prevents the piston from falling below the top of the opeaings G, and its upper end enters into a projection on the cap C. When the pressure of the incoming gas rises, the piston H is raised and the opening P partially closed, reducing the amount of gas passing to the outlet. In modifications, the opening J may be dispensed with and the gas made to pass to the chamber D, through openings in the piston A, or the inlet and outlet passages may be arranged in a horizontal line instead of vertically.




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