Improvements in Spinning Machines.


14,372. Destombes, J. B. L. June 27. Spindle apparatus; rollers and roller heads.-- Relates to spinning-frames for flax &c. The footstep bearings have tubular extensions b, Fig. 1, supplied with oil from the oil cup a, through openings, such as d. The oil travels up the tube b, and descends on its exterior. A circumferential groove c on the tube b forms a reservoir for the oil, or a vertical slot in the tube b may be used for the same purpose. A movable tube e prevents any scattering of the oil. To prevent the operatives from making defective thread attachments when a thread breaks, by passing the lower part of the severed thread over the pressing-roller i, Fig. 3, and trusting to its being united to the upper portion while passing between the rollers g, i, plates k are provided having holes so that they may be passed over the ends of the axes of the pressing-rollers h. They are kept in position by discs l fixed to the ends of the axes.




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